Newton Schools Foundation Annual Appeal

Help New Schools Foundation Meet its Goal!

NSF needs your help for Newton to continue to be one of the best public school systems in the Commonwealth and the nation. NSF is two-thirds of the way to their Annual Appeal goal of $60,000.  Please donate today to help them reach their goal.

Your gift will support innovative programs that are difficult to address in the school department’s operating budget. These include programs at Newton South:

  • Calculus Project—helping African-American, Hispanic and low-income students pursue higher-level math in middle school through high school.
  • APUSH Program—enabling minority and low-income students to succeed in AP U.S History.
  • DaVinci Program—a continuing the new project-based collaborative approach to learning encompassing science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

NSF-supported initiatives also address elementary school writing and music; computer coding in the middle schools; social/emotional wellbeing; global education and more. The programs NSF funds span Newton’s diverse student population and impact all of Newton’s 12,000+ students.

When you give to Newton Schools Foundation you are ensuring that the Newton Public Schools continue to provide Newton students with the best education in this ever-changing teaching and learning environment.