Monday Evening Meet-up with Students from the AWARE Club

Several years ago, a group of Newton South students founded AWARE, an emotional wellness initiative and student-run club. The students from AWARE work to help increase awareness about mental health issues, identify and advocate to decrease sources of unhealthy stress among teens, and help Newton South become a supportive, understanding, and emotionally healthy community. AWARE works to provide information about positive and healthy activities for students, while creating a community of respect and interest in those from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and emotional experiences.

On Monday, February 8th at 7:00 pm in the Cutler Commons, a student panel from the AWARE leadership group will host a conversation for parents to help them better understand and support their high school students. AWARE students will present perspectives on managing academic, social and emotional challenges and sources of stress, and discuss the power of communication and collaborative relationships.

We hope you’ll join AWARE for a dynamic and informative evening!

Dan Rubin, Director of Guidance

Beth Pinals, AWARE Advisor