Winter Guidance News Specific to Sophomores

Course Selection

Students will be reviewing course options for next year in the coming months. This presents an excellent time to talk with your children about their interests, abilities, talents, and future aspirations. Encourage them to consider the most beneficial selection of courses in light of their future plans. It is important that they create a schedule that ensures their eligibility for the type of higher education/post-secondary path they seek, allows them to explore different academic and elective interests, and keeps in mind the necessity for maintaining a balance in their lives among academic, extracurricular, family, and work obligations.

MCAS Test Dates

Your tenth grade students will have MCAS tests this Spring in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and if they have not previously passed the Intro Physics MCAS as a ninth grader, Science. The first round of MCAS testing is English Language Arts scheduled for the following March test dates:

  • Tuesday, March 22 – ELA Composition Sessions A & B
  • Wednesday, March 23 – ELA Reading Comprehension Sessions 1 & 2
  • Thursday, March 24 – ELA Reading Comprehension Session 3

SAT Subject Tests

Sophomores who have done well in honors courses sometimes consider taking SAT Subject Tests such as Chemistry or World History in June. Each SAT Subject Test is one hour in length (students can take up to three per testing date) and content based. Therefore, it is logical to take subject tests in June, as close to the end of the course as possible. Many of the most highly selective colleges require two or even three SAT Subject Tests scores as part of the application process.


If your tenth grader took the PSAT exam in October, he or she should have received their PSAT score by now. Students can access their score by creating an account on using the same email they provided on their PSAT answer sheet. If your child needs assistance in interpreting his or her score, please encourage them to make an appointment with their counselor to review.