SouthFest 2016 Needs Your Support

SouthFest is Newton South’s after-prom event, organized and run by parent volunteers.  Our goal is to provide a safe and fun post-prom experience for seniors with or without dates. As an alternative to house parties, we provide a senior-parent-free environment with fun, games, music and food. There is a police detail onsite, non-senior parent chaperones and free taxi service to anywhere in Newton. In our sixteen years of running SouthFest, there has never been a serious prom night accident or injury to a Newton South senior or date.

We need the support of the entire South community in order to continue this tradition of safety and fun! You can think of this as ‘paying it forward’ for the year when your son or daughter is a senior.  This year, SouthFest is on Tuesday, June 7th.

As part of the Newton South family, it is our job to make SouthFest happen. There are many ways to help, from volunteering to create decorations, setting up at the school the day of the event, chaperoning, cleaning up afterwards, and more. We are especially in need of funding assistance and volunteers. For details, click here.  

Stay tuned for more concrete volunteer opportunities in next week’s newsletter!