AWARE Day – tomorrow, Thursday, March 17

AWARE is a student-led club dedicated to enhancing our collective understanding of the impact of social-emotional health on students at South. On Thursday, March 17th, the AWARE Club will host the third annual AWARE Day. The day will feature programming each block related to adolescent mental and emotional health. Programming includes a panel discussion led by Newton South students, as well as presentations on depression and suicide education (Samaritans), understanding mental health (National Alliance on Mental Health/NAMI), supporting LGBTQ youth (PFLAG), the impact of stress (Riverside Trauma Center), and the prevention and treatment of eating disorders (Multi-Service Eating Disorder Association). Teachers will be signing their classes up to attend workshop sessions throughout the day or students can attend during free blocks or directed studies.

AWARE Day can be a powerful experience for students as the conversations raise our consciousness about the many developmental challenges adolescents face. If you have any concerns about your child, we encourage you to contact your child’s school counselor directly. If you are looking to connect you child to community-based counseling services, you can contact the Project Interface referral network at William James College ( 888-244-6843) or you can contact Riverside Community Care (617-969-4925). For 24/7 emergency referrals, you can contact Riverside Emergency Services (781-769-8674 or 800-529-5077).