Athletes of the Week — Anna Loar and Ava Schaevel, Girls’ Lacrosse

Anna Loar and Ava Shaevel are the senior Lacrosse captains this year and deserving of together being the athletes of the week. They both go above and beyond every day at practice. Both have extremely high expectations for the season this year — for themselves and for the team. Anna and Ava are outstanding lacrosse players who work tirelessly to improve their stick skills, game awareness, and conditioning. Most importantly, as captains they lead by example. You will not find two people competing or working harder at practice than they are on a daily basis. Both have been a huge part of the Lacrosse program’s success over the past four years. Their work ethic, perseverance, and dedication to the team and to the sport of lacrosse are admirable. They have created what is already a very close-knit and supportive team, one that competes at a high level, only two weeks into the season. Anna and Ava are optimistic that this year’s Lacrosse team will not only make the playoffs, but hopefully make it past the first round.