Reminder: “Growth Mindset” Workshop for Parents/Guardians this Wednesday, April 13

Join the School Council, PTSO, teachers and staff in the South Student Center this Wednesday, April 13 from 7:00-8:30PM to explore how encouraging a “growth mindset” can motivate people of any age to learn new things in all settings–at home, at school, at work, in athletics. You’ll learn:

  • Useful ways to encourage kids and teens to try new things and accept challenges
  • Effective ways to give praise–including the right words to use and why that makes a difference.
  • Constructive ways to respond to failure
  • Successful strategies for creating a parent-teacher dialogue about students’ development

For an introduction to growth mindset, watch the TED talk by Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck, author of the book Mindset. We look forward to an engaging evening with you on Wednesday!