SouthFest’s Incredibly Informative and Fun Update

Here’s the Incredibly Informative stuff:  

We’re truly grateful to everyone who has already signed up to volunteer at SouthFest on June 7.  We’ve already filled 40 slots.  Hooray!  But we still have 110 left to fill, especially for the most important role of the night – non-senior-parent chaperones.  Ack!  The good news is there’s still plenty of time to sign up here and join the fun.  Hooray!

We’re also very grateful to everyone who has donated money to SouthFest.  Why does SouthFest need to raise money anyway?  We use that money to transform the school into something supremely cool, with free awesome activities for the kids, free prizes, free food, a free party favor, and free taxis home.  We’ve already raised close to 20% of what we need, but we’ve got a long way to get to our goal.  So if you are able, please consider donating here.

Here’s the Incredibly Fun stuff:

Please see the above information – SouthFest is *tons* of fun!  Oh, and here’s a video of a cat on a Roomba dressed as a shark.