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I’ve been asked by the Southfest folks to share the following information with you.  I cannot over-emphasize the importance of this parent and community endeavor to help South students have a safe place to look forward to after prom.  The Boston Globe just published an article about keeping prom night safe for teenagers – click here to read it.  Please support Southfest by donating your time, and/or financial assistance.

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We need your help with SouthFest, Newton South’s parent-run after prom party. SouthFest is held at Newton South High School and begins immediately after Prom. SouthFest 2016 begins at 11:45 PM on June 7 and runs through 3:00 AM on June 8. We provide a casino, events, entertainment, food, and much more. SouthFest is for ALL SENIORS and their dates – whether or not they’ve attended the prom. Generous support from all South families makes this event possible. Please donate now to support this tradition!


Why SouthFest?

SouthFest is a popular alternative to unsupervised house parties, helping to keep our children off the streets and out of harm’s way. The event is carefully and respectfully supervised: bags and purses are checked on the way into the event, fire and police officers, parents and staff are on duty throughout the celebration. To further ensure safety, free taxi service to student’s homes is available. Service to our Boston student’s homes requires advanced registration.

 Guests are encouraged to stay for the entire evening but are free to leave at any point. We encourage all parents to confirm their child’s plan for the evening.

The guests register as they enter the event and are well chaperoned while on school grounds. However we are not responsible for tracking guests should they choose to leave, and once a guest leaves the event, they are not allowed to return.

If you are new to the Newton South community you may not realize the enormous scale of SouthFest. We transform a large part of the school to reflect a theme chosen for each senior class.  Parent volunteers decorate and staff the event. Though senior parents do not work during SouthFest itself, they are vital in the creation of the decorations and setup/breakdown of the event.

We need your help at all levels to continue this tradition of safety and fun! There are many ways to help us create this spectacle, from volunteering to create decorations, setting up at the school the day of the event, staffing the event and more. There are volunteer opportunities available now, by clicking here. To find out more about volunteer opportunities, feel free to contact the SouthFest team at


Why Should Non-Senior Parents Care?

Support for SouthFest needs to be community-wide! Before you know it, you will be the parent of a senior. It has become a great tradition for non-senior parents to pay it forward so that senior parents can sleep a bit easier on prom night. In order to encourage seniors to attend, the event is staffed and run only by non-senior parents.


Donations — SouthFest is funded entirely from donations. All money donated to SouthFest is tax-deductible and qualifies for corporate matching donations!  We have two ways you can support the cause financially:

PayPal – Click here and directly send money.

Checks – Make checks payable to Newton South PTSO and note “SouthFest” on the memo line. Send to: SouthFest, Newton South High School, 140 Brandeis Rd, Newton, MA 02459. 

Where can I go to get more information or volunteer to help?
Please e-mail with any questions.  Our website can be found here.