NSHS DREAMFAR Students Run Marathon and Half-Marathon

This past Sunday, May 1, 31 students from the Newton South DREAMFAR High School Marathon ran the Providence Marathon, and still 7 more ran the Providence Half-Marathon. Since the beginning of October, these students have dedicated three days a week after school to their training — as well as Saturday mornings (starting at 7:30 AM!). On week days, the team trains in Newton with several faculty and staff mentors after school, and on Saturday mornings, they join forces with DREAMFAR students from 10 other local schools as they run through the streets of Brookline, Jamaica Plain, Newton, Boston, and Cambridge. While many students have yet to run a mile when they first join DREAMFAR, over the course of the season, they build distance progressively to their final 20-mile training run. Before they reach the start line in Providence, they have trained through three other official races: a 5K, a 10K, and a half-marathon. Throughout their 7-month-long training, students forge deep bonds with their teammates and develop resilience, persistence, and determination that carry over into all aspects of their lives. 

Several Newton South teachers were leaders and mentors throughout the year, including Suzanne Murphy-Ferguson (World Language), Lily Eng (History), Vittoria Macadino (Math), Karen Sobin-Jonash (Art), and Holly Kee (special ed) and Kara Jones (intern in Southside). In addition, Candice Beermann (Vice Principal) and Daniel Orazio (Latin teacher) ran the marathon with the team, and Lara Abbott (ELL aide) ran the half-marathon.  

Congratuations to all these students on the DREAMFAR Team!

Karin Alsop
Katherine Broderick
Anne Burnett
Melissa Butchard
Marisa Cohen
Evan Cohen
Caitlin Connell
Zachary Day
Daniel Edelman
Jordan Eng
Matthew Eng
Kieran Fitzmaurice
Aidan Fitzmaurice
Emily Fong
Jeremy Freedman
Hannah Gonzalez
Zachary Hill
George Hillas
Hallie Kruh-Needleman
Karen Kwan
Liam La Monica Lacey
Shelley Li
Isabel MacGinnitie
Sebastian Marval
Samuel Peacock
Gabi Pellegrin
Jenny Pushner
Siena Small
Lizy Szanton
Madison Targett
Talia Tartaro
Kyriaki Vetoulis-Acevedo
Jordan Wang
Zanny Weinreb
Melissa Wong
Andrew Wong
Rebecca Yakubovich
Ilana Zeldin