Athlete of the Week — Aidan O’Flaherty, Boys Track and Field

Aidan O’Flaherty, a junior on the Boys Track & Field team, has been at his best from day one. Aidan is one of the team’s field events specialists who is steadily making progress in the shot put event.  The shot put is an event involving “throwing/putting” (throwing in a pushing motion) a heavy spherical object (the shot) as far as possible. Shot put takes a lot of skill and strength, and Aidan is mastering the technique and applying his power in the right direction. He has had a great start to his season with throws of over 40 feet at meets against Lincoln-Sudbury and Westford, and consistently scores for his team. Aidan eats, drinks, and sleeps shot put and is always focused. To him, it’s shot put, shot put, shot put — and the best part is that he’s excited about his progress. Aidan has been a source of strength and confidence for his team. When his team is down, he brings them back up. Aidan’s confidence in his ability in this event gives his team good perspective.  He is always asking, “Hey Coach, how far would you like me to put it?” Over 50 feet!