Important Traffic Bulletin!!

We are so excited to welcome our students back next week!  Once your students arrive, I am confident that they will have a terrific year!

Arriving, however, will present some new challenges next week, as many time-worn patterns that families have become accustomed to have changed.

Please take a moment to review the information below, and then take time to consider how your family will manage arrival at South this fall.

What is Different:

As I messaged a couple of weeks ago, there are significant changes to parking and traffic.  For safety reasons, the emergency access road behind the school will no longer be available for parent, staff, or student use for the entire school year (and beyond).  Due to a major construction project from now through November 1, large areas of our parking lots will not be available for drop-off.  Additional temporary on-street parking on Brandeis Road will result in three lanes of traffic (one lane of parked cars and two-way traffic) in some areas.  There are now additional student permit parking only diagonal spaces further down on Brandeis Road on the grass adjacent to the tennis courts and opposite the climbing structures.  Please drive carefully as you become accustomed to these new spaces and the resulting traffic flow on Brandeis Road.

We are Requesting:

  1. DO NOT drop students off in front of the Wheeler entrance.  The construction is centered in the Wheeler parking lot.  The normal flow in that lot will not be available (only one lane in and out), and so failure to follow this request will result in extremely long delays for parents trying to leave and staff trying to park in that lot.
  2. DO NOT use the Breezeway Lot for drop-off.  Our lot in front of the breezeway is posted as a bus unloading zone only during the morning.  Failure to follow this request would pose a safety threat and would be a driving violation.

My Advice:

Consider dropping students off a block or two away from school and have them walk to the school.  Dropping off at Brown/Oak Hill and walking on the path by the athletic fields may be the safest, fastest option for drop-off.  While this may not be an option for all families, the more folks that avoid Brandeis Road the better.

Tuesday, September 6th will probably be our best traffic day of the fall.  A reminder that only 9th grade is reporting at 7:40, and all other classes report later in the day.  I anticipate that Wednesday, Sept 7th, when all students report at 7:40, will be much, much more challenging.

If these changes will unduly impact your child, please contact your house office for support.

Thank you, and we look forward to our partnership with you this year.