Spring Sports Awards Night

Awards Night for Spring Sports was held on Tuesday, May 30, in the Field House. All Spring athletes were invited to attend with their parents regardless of the level they play. Subvarsity teams received their certificates, and one player in each team was recognized for their sportsmanship. Varsity teams received their letters, and two awards were presented for each team. Two other important awards were presented on that night. The DCL Bob Chrusz Sportsmanship Award honors the memory of Bob Chrusz, a long-time Athletic Director at Newton South. He courageously faced ALS and taught his students, coaches, and colleagues a life-long lesson on courage, sportsmanship, and respect. This year’s recipients are Noah Kopf and Sarah King. The Edward Aronson Award is named for Ed Aronson, a long-time basketball coach at Newton South, and recognizes students for their commitment, dedication to team and others, respect for the sport, and leadership. This year’s recipients are Laura Hernandez and Dan Chafetz. Finally, the Coaches Sportsmanship and Leadership Award was presented to Throwers coach Brad King. Students praise Coach Brad for his dedication and for always giving them perspective, support, and direction.

Congratulations to the following award recipients:

Baseball (Varsity)

  • 110% Award: Dylan Meehan
  • Award of Excellence: Nathan Elbaum
  • DCL All-Stars: Benjamin Alexander, Nathan Elbaum, Theodore Goldblatt, Brandon Lee

Baseball (JV)

  • Award of Excellence: Jacob Freudberg

Baseball (Freshman)

  • Award of Excellence: Michael Lipof

Softball (Varsity)

  • 110% Award: Softball Team
  • Award of Excellence: Adalia Rodriguez
  • DCL All-Stars: Adalia Rodriguez, Amanda Smith

Softball (JV)

  • Award of Excellence: Rachel Glickman

Boys Lacrosse (Varsity)

  • 110% Award: Ilan Hascal
  • Award of Excellence: Andrew Pratt
  • DCL All-Stars: Jack Briney, Ilan Hascal

Boys Lacrosse (JV)

  • Award of Excellence: Aiden Peterson

Girls Lacrosse (Varsity)

  • 110% Award: Madeline Yorke
  • Award of Excellence: Chase Blessington
  • DCL All-Stars: Chase Blessington, Jordan Briney, Lily Riseberg, Madeline Yorke

Girls Lacrosse (JV)

  • Award of Excellence: Samantha Shaevel

Girls Lacrosse (Freshman)

  • Award of Excellence: Katelyn Hatem

Girls Tennis (Varsity)

  • 110% Award: Julia Estrin
  • Award of Excellence: Sarah King
  • DCL All-Stars: Julia Estrin, Dorra Guermazi, Kayla Schwartz

Girls Tennis (JV)

  • Award of Excellence: Jessica Whitman

Boys Tennis (Varsity)

  • 110% Award: Benjamin Kurland
  • Award of Excellence: Ethan Chow
  • DCL All-Stars, Honorable Mention: Benjamin Kurland

Boys Tennis (JV)

  • Award of Excellence: Nicholas Hatzis-Schoch

Boys Outdoor Track (Varsity)

  • 110% Award: Daniel Epstein
  • Award of Excellence: Yuval Levy
  • DCL All-Stars: Gal Fudim, Yuval Levy, Nathan Mark, Aidan O’Flaherty, Noah Whiting

Boys Outdoor Track (JV)

  • Award of Excellence: Zachary Ross

Girls Outdoor Track (Varsity)

  • 110% Award: Katherine Collins
  • Award of Excellence: Allison Arruda
  • DCL All-Stars: Allison Arruda, Caroline Barry, Phoebe Blumberg, Alana Bojar, Emily Bulczynski, Katherine Collins, Jonnai Howard, Hannah Katz, Shannon Laughlin, Calene Lazare, Clare Martin

Girls Outdoor Track (JV)

  • Award of Excellence: Tyne Burke

Boys Volleyball (Varsity)

  • 110% Award: Ruslan Crosby
  • Award of Excellence: Andrew Bryan
  • DCL All-Stars: Andrew Bryan, Ruslan Crosby, Timothy Hwang, Noah Kopf, John Maypole, Evan Zeng

Boys Volleyball (JV)

  • Award of Excellence: Andrew Gershon

Boys Volleyball (Freshman)

  • Award of Excellence: Hanlon Paul