For Juniors: Class of 2018 Senior Portraits Process has Begun!

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2018,

The time has come to plan for the 2018 yearbook at Newton South High School. This year we have made arrangements for Prestige Portraits by Lifetouch to take our senior portraits. Rising seniors were  sent an appointment card through the mail. The initial mailing came in a four-color envelope containing a brochure showing the various sitting plans available along with the appointment card which indicated  the specific day, time, and location of the appointment. The initial appointments were scheduled between June 9 and June 13th.  If your son/daughter did not attend the scheduled appointment, it is their responsibility to re-schedule the appointment.

To modify your senior portrait session, please utilize the company’s online scheduling website located at: The appointment card mailed to you contained your confirmation code to access the online scheduling website. If you do not have the confirmation code, you may email to get your child’s code.

In the interest of uniformity and quality, all senior portraits that will appear in the yearbook must be taken by Prestige Portraits. ONLY ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAITS TAKEN BY PRESTIGE STUDIO IN THE COURTYARD ADJACENT TO THE GYM AREA MAY BE USED FOR THE SENIOR SECTION OF THE YEARBOOK!

PARENTS OR SENIORS WISHING TO HAVE A FORMAL STUDIO SITTING WILL BE GIVEN THAT OPPORTUNITY ON THE SAME DAY AS THEIR SCHEDULED COURTYARD SITTING. THE VARIOUS SITTING FEE PLANS APPEAR ON THE APPOINTMENT CARD MAILED TO EACH SENIOR’S HOME. The brochure that arrived with your first appointment card will show various sitting plans offered to each senior. All further appointment notifications will come as a postcard.

After the portraits are taken, proofs will be mailed to you from Prestige Portraits and you will be asked to select which pose you would like submitted to the yearbook. Seniors may also order personal picture packages from the price list enclosed with the proofs. If you opt to not order any personal picture packages, and you have returned all your proofs after selecting your yearbook photo, your $30 sitting fee will be refunded.

We urge all seniors to have their portraits taken during the summer and not to wait until the fall when the weather and darkness can become a factor.

If you have questions about anything other than your son/daughter’s confirmation code, please contact Terry Bleiler at or 781-789-0778 with any questions you may have, as the PTSO has no direct involvement with the process.

Thank you for your support!
Your Newton South Yearbook Staff