Close Up Trip to Washington D.C. enrolling now

Every year Newton South sponsors a six-day “Close Up” trip to Washington DC, where students stay with high school students from across the country, exploring the nation’s capital and seeing how our government operates.

The Close Up Program is open to all upperclassmen at Newton South (Grades 10-12), with enrollment starting right now.  The enrollment deadline is November 2nd.  This year’s trip will run from March 4 – 9, and the $1732 cost includes the flight to DC, 5 nights hotel accommodation, bus, and Metro transportation, all programs, most meals, and admission to the various museums and the theater. There is also some aid available for those in financial need, as well as college credits.

We hope you will find that the Close Up Program is a wonderful opportunity for your children to see Washington DC and to share a unique social and political experience. If you would like to have your child participate in the program (or if you have questions about the program), please contact faculty members Robert Parlin  or Lisa Soo Hoo. You can also go to the Close Up foundation’s web page for additional information about the experience.
Bob Parlin, History and Social Sciences Department, Newton South High School