Newton South Wellness Newsletter

The goal of the NSHS Wellness Newsletter is to educate, motivate, and communicate the values of living a wellness lifestyle. Our department is dedicated to helping students, faculty/staff, and community members understand the effects of daily decisions and their impact on overall health and well-being. The newsletter is divided into three sections: wellness dimension focus, wellness in the news, and tips for living. Let’s get started!

  • Wellness Dimension Focus: Social Wellness

Are you socially strong? Take the social wellness assessment:

  • Wellness in the News: The Benefits of Healthy Families (by Sara Ipatenco)

Families are a source of emotional support, love, security, and protection, reports Healthy Children. Healthy family relationships result in happy and secure children and give parents the ultimate reward of being important in the life of a child. Healthy families benefit each family member in important ways and help provide a unique sense of belonging and value that cannot be found in other relationships. The benefits of healthy families are far-reaching and all encompassing.

  • Moral character: The love and support of family members motivates many people to continually strive to be better people. The development of strong moral character is one important benefit of a healthy family because it builds a bond between family members that is centered on a similar belief system. Healthy Children reports that families provide guidance to children regarding values, discipline, and the internal code of conduct that motivates human behavior.
  • Physical health: Healthy family relationships often translate to healthy eating and exercise habits as well. According to Kids Health, families who engage in healthy eating and exercise together will ultimately become a healthier and stronger family unit. Parents are encouraged to model and explain to children why eating certain foods is healthy and how exercise can benefit all aspects of a healthy life.
  • Independence: Healthy families encourage each member to become independent and self-sufficient. Healthy Children reports that parents can offer important and necessary guidance to their children to help promote independence that will serve a child as she grows up. Offering children increased independence as they grow will build healthy families that are secure and comfortable enough to disagree with one another while also supporting individual interests and opinions.


  • Tips for living: “Good People”

A healthy state of social wellness is having the ability to live in harmony with others while contributing toward the common welfare of the community and environment. It involves learning social skills to develop a good support system and deep, meaningful, positive interactions and relationships with others. Having loving, nurturing, and supportive relationships as well as other meaningful social interactions can have significant and positive effects on life-wellness. Social wellness involves building and maintaining healthy, intimate, loving and supportive relationships as well as fostering a general connection with everyone around you, which includes your family, friends, colleagues, and strangers throughout life.

  • Social Wellness Facts and Tips
  • Socially isolated people are more susceptible to illness and have a death rate two to three times higher than those who are not socially isolated.
  • People who maintain their social network and support systems do better under stress.
  • Approximately 20 percent of Americans feel lonely and isolated during their free time.
  • Laughter really is good medicine.
  • Cholesterol levels go up when human companionship is lacking.
  • Warm, close friendships cause higher levels of immunoglobulin A (an antibody that helps keep away respiratory infections and cavities).
  • A strong social network can create a good mood and enhance self-esteem.