We are Looking for Incoming Freshman Parents to Host Information Sessions

Each year in August, the PTSO helps to organize information sessions for the parents of incoming freshman.  We hold the sessions in the homes of incoming freshman families so parents have a chance to get together in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Principal Joel Stembridge will give an overview of the freshman year experience at each session and answer questions from parents. The PTSO Co-Presidents will also be available at the sessions to answer questions and give an overview of volunteer opportunities at South. These sessions are intended for parents as your children will have other opportunities to learn about their freshman year at South.  We like to plan for five sessions, with one session geared more to special education issues and one geared toward our METCO families.  We schedule these sessions in the two weeks before the start of school so this year’s dates would be August 19th- to 22nd and August 26th to 29th. The average size of the sessions is about 40 people and we ask the hosts to provide some very light refreshments.  The PTSO can provide folding chairs for extra seating.  If you are able to host one of the information sessions, please email info@newtonsouthptso.org.