Help the PTSO Reach our Goal for the Dues Campaign

Thank you to all the families who have confirmed their directory information and membership donation to our PTSO Dues Campaign.  As of today, we have raised $54,000 of our $65,000 goal.  Please help us reach our goal and click to contribute today!

Membership dues are the main source of funding for PTSO activities. Please help support the work of the PTSO by contributing your $70 dues. We realize that all families are not able to contribute at that level, and we are grateful for any contribution your family can make.  If you are able to offer some additional financial support to the PTSO, we are grateful for that as well.

Our goal every year is to raise all the required funds through our fall membership drive – DUES Campaign –  to cover all of our basic operating expenses and our SouthFest expenses.

May and Michele, 2019 Newton South PTSO co-Presidents

PTSO Budget 2019-2020

  • $32,000 for teachers in every department for classroom supplies and events;
  • $10,400 for teacher and faculty appreciation breakfast and lunches;
  • $17,000 for Southfest, our after-prom celebration for our Seniors;
  • $ 4,500 for our School Directory, website and communications;
  • and $ 2,100 for administrative and legal expenses.

**SouthFest is the PTSO sponsored party for seniors which takes place at the high school after the prom. We will not be able to make plans, and deposits for SouthFest entertainment unless we know we can cover those expenses.