Resources: Adolescent Sleep and Later High School Start Time

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**** Dr. Chris Landrigan’s Presentation on School Start Times from the NNHS Community Forum on 1/26/16****

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Research & Research Digests

American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement, August 2014                                     (School Start Times for Adolescents, published in Pediatrics)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Statement, August 2015

Wahlstrom, K., et. al. (2014). Examining the Impact of Later School Start Times on the Health and Academic Performance of High School Students: A Multi-Site Study. Final Report. Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement, University of Minnesota

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The Impact of School Start Times on Adolescent Health and Academic Performance, Literature Review from

Abstract of Wolfson, et. al. (2007). Middle School Start Times: The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep For Young Adolescents. Behavioral Sleep Medicine.

NEW!  Shapiro. (2015) The Educational Effects of School Start Times, IZA World of Labor.

NEW!  Carrell, et. al. (2011) A’s from Zzzz’s? The Causal Effect of School Start Time on the Academic Achievement of Adolescents, American Economic Journal.

NEW! Later School Start Times Promote Adolescent Well Being, American Psychological Association, 2014

Case Studies

School Start Time Change: An In-Depth Examination of School Districts in the United States, The Children’s National Medical Center’s Blueprint for Change Team, April 2014

Changing School Start Times: Arlington, VA, National Sleep Foundation Adolescent Sleep Initiative

Changing School Start Times: Wilton, CT, National Sleep Foundation Adolescent Sleep Initiative

Changing School Start Times: Denver, CO, National Sleep Foundation Adolescent Sleep Initiative


Materials from the Community Forum at Newton North, January 2016

NEW! Handout (Revised), Why So Early? Rethinking the High School Start Time

NEW! Presentation: School Start Times: Adolescent Sleep, Performance & Safety, Christopher Landrigan, MD MPH, Director of Sleep and Patient Safety Program, Brigham & Women’s Hospital/Research Director, Boston Children’s Hospital Inpatient Pediatrics

NEW! Presentation: High School Start Time Working Group/School Committee Members


Materials from the Community Forum at Newton South, April 2015

Handout: Why So Early? Rethinking the High School Start Time

Presentation: The Case For Delaying High School Start Times, Judith Owens MD MPH, Director of Sleep Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital

Video: Newton South Sleep Forum, NewTV Report (2:33)


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