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Free Transportation to Youth Summit III on Wed., Mar. 26 from Newton South – Buses Start at 5PM

The John M Barry Boys and Girls Club is sponsoring free transportation from Newton South to Newton North, Wednesday, March 26, to make it easy for students to attend the Youth Summit III, from 6-9PM, and see mental health activist Kevin Breel. Meet at the front entrance of Newton South. Rides will begin at 5PM and run every 20 minutes. Return rides will be available from Newton North to Newton South starting at 9PM, with the last one leaving at 9:45PM. Questions? Click here or call 617-796-1436. Both adults and students are welcome at this free event. See you there! You don’t want to miss it!

Term III Midterm Comments Now Available on Parent Connect

Term III Midterm Comments are now available on ParentCONNECT ( Once you have logged in, you can download the Midterm Comments by clicking “Academics” on the left hand side, then clicking the “Report” tab and then clicking on “Click here to see Report for Newton South.”

If you have trouble accessing your ParentCONNECT account, please contact, or your student’s house secretary:

Cutler House: Janice Ingemi Goldrick House: Diane Trieger
Goodwin House: Camille Connolly Wheeler House: Lucia Curran


SouthFest 2014 Needs Your Support

SouthFest is Newton South’s after-prom event. Though you might not have a senior this year, you will soon. We need your help to continue this tradition of safety and fun, so please keep reading! If you don’t currently have a senior, you can think of this as ‘paying it forward’ for the year when your son or daughter is a senior. This year, SouthFest will be held Tuesday, June 3 from 12AM-4AM, immediately after the prom. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun post-prom experience for seniors with or without dates. As an alternative to house parties, we provide a senior-parent-free environment with fun, games, music and food. Hopefully, senior parents can sleep better that night! There is a police detail onsite, non-senior parent chaperones and free taxi service to anywhere in Newton. In our sixteen years of running SouthFest, there has never been a serious prom night accident or injury to a Newton South senior or date.  Continue reading


Don’t be shut out when you realize – too late – that you want to buy a tribute ad in your graduate’s senior yearbook! Express friendship, love, or congratulations to the special people in your life by recognizing them in the personal pages of their 2014 Newton South High School Yearbook. Groups of friends can show off their unique photos and memories. Organizations and teams can supplement the yearbook’s coverage in a special tribute. The message blocks are printed in full color and are available in four sizes:

  • · Full-page $375  • half-page $210.00  • quarter-page $115.00  • eighth-page $60.00

To submit your tribute, visit our yearbook printer at www.yearbookordercenter.comEnter order #4560, and choose “buy a yearbook ad” to build and pay for your personal message. Questions? Please email for all orders is March 1, 2014!

Prom Tickets On Sale March 3-31 in the Senior Commons During All Three Lunches

It’s a whole new kind of March madness! The Class of 2014 Senior Prom will be on June 2, 2014 from 7-11PM at The Putman Club at Gillette Stadium. Come make memories and celebrate the end of high school! Tickets will be on sale March 3 – 31 in the Senior Commons during all lunches.

  • · Until March 31 (2PM): Early tickets are $110 each
  • · After March 31: Price goes up

Bring cash or make checks payable to Newton South High School, and put “Class of 2014” on the memo line. Note that coach transportation to and from Gillette Stadium is included in the ticket price. However, in order to reserve a seat, students must choose this option on the form provided when they purchase a ticket. Click here for required form. Financial aid forms are available from the house offices. Please submit a completed application to your Housemaster if you wish to make a request for financial assistance.

Is your guest an underclassman at South? Let us know when buying your ticket. Is your guest from outside of South? Click here for an Outside Guest Form. Make sure to fill out the form completely and attach a copy of your outside guest’s photo ID. Contact Ms. Murphy Ferguson or Ms. Hammond with any questions.

Let’s Celebrate!
Class of 2014 Class Officers: Tom Howe (president), Alex Verbitsky (VP), Mel Gundersheim, JH McBreen, Parker Olson and Beth Yudelman

One-Four Hear Us Roar!

From the Principal

Dear Newton South Community,

It is so difficult to write to you to share our experience over the last two days.  I want you to know that our students and staff are taking care of each other, and that through our sadness there are lots of hugs and stories.  Thank you once again to our community for embracing our school, from food to tissues to well wishes.

Roee was personable, engaging, bright, articulate, and compassionate.  He was an excellent student, served as a class officer for the class of 2015, participated in athletics, and was a peer advisor for a freshman homeroom.  He was very connected to many adults in the building, and was not shy about engaging in long conversations.  Roee’s family has shared with us that his death was by suicide.  There were no indications to any of us – or to his family – that Roee was even contemplating suicide.  There are no easy answers.  It is simply beyond comprehension.

Roee’s death is also so deeply troubling as this is the third student suicide in Newton since the beginning of the school year.  We are all extremely concerned about this, and are working with experts in the field to know how to proceed.  This issue will be discussed further at the upcoming Tuesday, February 11th community meeting at 7:00 in the NSHS Auditorium.

I share this to encourage you to have a meaningful conversation with your children, and to remind them that no matter what they are going through, we (the adults in their life) can help them through it.  That things will get better.  That we love them, and will move heaven and earth to provide the support that they need.

We will send information about services for Roee when we have those details.

We will observe a moment of silence during homeroom on Monday.

While many of our students are still working through sadness and other emotions, we are continually struck by the resilience of our young people.  It has been a difficult two days, to be sure, and it is also wonderful to witness teachers, staff and students supporting each other throughout the school.

This weekend, it would be helpful if there are opportunities for students to connect with other students in healthy ways, with adults near-by.  We want to ask you to think about opening your home this weekend to students in order to create a safe place for kids to gather.

Also, we wanted to be sure that you had information about what to do if someone you know needs additional support.  The following community resources are available over the weekend:

  • Riverside Emergency Services: (800) 529-5077
  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters:  (617) 423-9575
  • “Samariteens” – Suicide Prevention Hotline: (800) 252-8336
  • “Samariteens” – online chat:
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-TALK (8255)
  • Newton Police Department: (617) 796-2101 or 911

Again, thank you for your partnership.

Best regards,

Joel Stembridge
Principal, Newton South High School

From the Superintendent: Sad News

February 6, 2014

Dear Newton Community,

It is with great sadness that I am writing to inform you that a Newton South junior, Roee Grutman died unexpectedly this morning.  Authorities have stated that the death is not suspicious and there is no foul play.

Our thoughts are with Roee’s family during this very difficult time. They also have children at Memorial-Spaulding and Oak Hill and it is hard to imagine what they are going through right now.

The death of any young person is a terrible tragedy.  The shock of this loss is magnified by the deaths of two Newton students last fall.  Please know that we will have counselors available at our secondary schools, as we know that many of our students will have heard about this news through friends and social media.  If you have any concerns about your child/children, please make contact with their guidance counselor, social worker or school psychologist and they will be sure to follow up.  Processing three student deaths within a school year is very difficult to comprehend so we have provided some information below that you may find useful.

Next Tuesday, February 11th, we have scheduled a community forum in the Newton South Auditorium at 7:00 p.m. to help process the tragedies we have faced this school year.  We will have a range of experts who will join us to share important information about how to talk with your child/children about a sudden death and how to support your child/children and yourself following tragic events.  The Mayor and other city and school leaders will join me at this forum.

I fully recognize that this is a very trying time for the City of Newton.  I am hopeful that together, we will provide the support, care and kindness necessary to move forward.  Please let any Newton Public Schools’ staff member know if we can be of help to you and your family.


David Fleishman
Superintendent of Schools

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration also provides guidance on how adults can help children after a traumatic event at this website:

Dr. Robert Evans, Psychologist and School Consultant, offers five guidelines that can make a positive difference for children after tragic events.  Visit this link for more information:

Riverside Mobile Crisis Intervention (781-769-8674) can also be called if you have concerns about the safety of your child.

From the Principal: Sign up by Jan. 24 for NSHS Community Dinner

Dear NSHS Families:

I am writing to invite you to join me and many other Newton South families and educators at our first annual Community Dinner on Saturday, February 1 – details below!

You may have missed that this past Sunday, January 19, in the Boston Globe, reporter Evan Allen wrote an article about parent-teacher organizations (PTOs) and the key role they currently play in technology funding in Newton. I am thrilled to have an excellent partnership with our PTSO (parent-teacher-student organization), and our students and faculty absolutely respect and enjoy the many PTSO contributions to the NSHS experience over the years.  Continue reading

Upcoming Grade-Level Parent/Guardian Coffees at Newton South

Please join us at the upcoming Grade-Level Parent/Guardian Coffees at Newton South in the Faculty Dining Room from 7:45-9:30AM on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, January 14: Freshman parents/guardians with Housemaster Charles Myette and guidance counselor (TBA)
  • Thursday, January 23: Sophomore parent/guardians with Housemaster Donna Gordon and guidance counselor (TBA)
  • Tuesday, January 28: Junior parent/guardians with Housemaster Mark Banks and guidance counselor (TBA)
  • Wednesday, February 5: Senior parent/guardians with Housemaster Josepha Blocker, guidance counselor (TBA), and Class Advisor Cathy Hammond will be available from 8:40-9AM to answer questions about Prom

We hope to see at the coffees – email Lori Lass or Betsy Blagdon at with any questions.

Teacher Recommendation Letters for Last Minute College Applications

This week Barbara Brown sent an email to seniors explaining the process for teacher recommendation letters for last minute college applications. Please make sure your student is aware that Naviance will NOT automatically send out recommendation letters when a student decides to apply to any extra schools beyond those from their original list. The student must contact the teachers who wrote their recommendations and inform them of the additional applications. The teachers have to actively submit their recommendation to these additional schools. Students should either see their teacher or email him/her ASAP if they have deadlines of 12/31, 1/1, 1/2, 1/3 or 1/15 as many teachers will not access their school email over the holiday break. Please email Barbara Brown with any questions or call 617-559-6544.