Later High School Start Time in the Media

List updated weekly. Recent additions marked “NEW

NEW! Huffington Post, “The Case For Starting School Later” (1:29 video), posted April 21, 2016

NEW! Boston Globe, “Suburban Boston Superintendents Favor Later High School Start Time,” March 29, 2016

NEW! New York Times, “Schools Are Slow to Learn That Sleep Deprivation Hits Teenagers Hardest,” March 28, 2016

Boston Globe, “Students Find More Awareness with Later Starts,” March 10, 2016

NewTV Newton News, February 3, 2016 – Segment on Newton North Community Forum (begins at 13:59)

WGBH 89.7-Boston Public Radio, January 27, 2016, Jim Braude & Margery Eagan “Could Starting High School Later Help Kids Concentrate and Be Better Students?” – Segment on Newton with listener call-ins begins at 2 hours and 23 minutes

Newton Tab, “Newton North Forum Explores High School Start Times,” January 29, 2016

Boston Globe, “Newton Considers Later High School Start Times” January 2016

WBZ-TV/CBS Boston, “Newton Considers Later High School Start Time” January 2016

NPR/WBUR Radio, “Maybe High Schools Should Start Later–But How? “ December 2015

KPLU Radio, “All Seattle High Schools Will Start Later Next Year…” November 2015

NBC News, “U.S. Schools Kids Start Too Early, Study Finds” (CDC) August 2015

The Atlantic, “Why School Should Start Later in the Morning,” August 2015

WGBH News, “Why Early School Start Times Put Teens at a Disadvantage,” December 2014

MetroWest Daily News, “Later Start Times for High Schools?” October 2014

New York Times, “To Keep Teenagers Alert, Schools Let Them Sleep In,” March 2014

Worcester Telegram, “Teen Sleep Targeted in Later School Start Times,” September 2013

New York Times, “The Early Bird Gets the Bad Grade,” January 2008