Newton South PTSO Newsletter Posting Policy

PTSO Newsletter

Thank you for your interest in our Newton South PTSO Newsletter.  The PTSO Newsletter is sent out every Sunday.  It contains ONLY official information relating directly to  Newton South High School events and program.  (e.g., parent information nights, special schedules, early release information, South theater productions, etc.).

Please send submissions directly to only.  Submissions must be received by Thurs. 5PM. Please DO NOT send ANY advertisements to this email address, because they will not be published.

We are unable to guarantee that postings received after the Thurs at 5PM hat deadline will be included in the Sunday newsletter. Submission to other emails will not be forwarded to our Newsletter team.  And lastly, submit your announcement again when yo want it repeated at a later week.  Thank you.

Occasionally, the PTSO sends out news on specific class or after school events, so please update your profile at the bottom of the PTSO newsletter and select “Class of 2023, Athletics, South Stage, etc) to subscribe to those newsletters.

Community Notes Newsletter

The PTSO also send out the Community Notes Newsletter weekly on Sundays, which contains information and advertisements pertaining to the larger Newton community (e.g., music, community events, subject tutoring, village days, Newton library programs, etc.).   You must have Community Notes in your subscription profile to receive this newsletter.

To submit an announcement in our Community Notes, please send your announcement to  Your announcement may include links, but please do not include graphics or attachments.

The PTSO does not authorize or decide which announcement is published in the Community Notes.  The (*)Community Notes Newsletter is managed and distributed by the Newton PTO Council.

(*) The Newton South Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) does not endorse the subjects or sources of these announcements in the Community Notes.  Parents/ guardians are solely responsible for determining suitability and appropriateness for their families.  PTSO does not endorse any one point of view of any particular individuals or businesses whose presentations are advertised.