2020-21 WISE Individualized Senior Experience

Dear Junior Students and Parents:

Please consider the WISE (WISE Individualized Senior Experience) Program when thinking about your schedule for next year.  The WISE Program offers seniors the opportunity to work outside the classroom during Term 4 on a substantive educational undertaking of their own choice.  It is an exciting opportunity for students to work on an intensive project of their choosing focusing on one of four areas – academic, creative, community service, and/or career exploration.  WISE encourages students to develop their independence, confidence, and sense of responsibility as they take charge of their own learning. WISE also helps provide a bridge from high school to college, to a gap year,  or to work. Many of our WISE students look to our internships as an exciting way to gain experience or explore a career.

WISE is a Pass/Fail elective class.  Students receive academic credit for their work and, as part of the program, are also required to read material related to their topic, keep a journal/blog of their work and reactions, complete two interviews, and do a final oral presentation.

Some examples of past projects include:

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter

  • Internship in the medical field

  • Business Internships

  • Internship in government

  • Design a school mural

  • Scientific inventions/experiments project

  • Creative art/music project

  • Create a documentary

  • Volunteer in a Newton elementary school classroom

Interested students should sign up for WISE now, during the upcoming Spring registration, because space is limited and the Program always fills up.   It is course 910 in the Program of Studies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Wise program coordinators.

Tonya Londino, Jessica Engel, & Marla Wiener

WISE Program Coordinators