How to Get to School

One of our challenges last year was traffic and student safety in and around Newton South. The Newton South School Committee is working with the Newton School Committee and other stake holders to improve the traffic flow around Newton South.

Fewer parent drop-offs/pick ups are the key to reducing car traffic. Its better for the environment, creates a more independent student and reduces traffic in and around Newton South. Below are several alternatives to parent drop-off/pick up:

Taking the Yellow School Bus

  • Bus registration is currently closed for the 2023-24 school year, though routes will reopen in a week or two if there are spots available on that route.
  • Please visit this webpage for more details on bus registration: NPS Online Bus Registration
  • ALL transportation information and bus schedules are available on the NPS website here
  • Bus passes will be in Aspen before the first day of school. Students should print their pass or save the image to their phone to be able to show the bus driver as requested.
  • Students should arrive to the bus stop early and know that the bus may be a little early or a little late.
  • At NSHS the yellow school bus drops off/pick ups at the Breezeway. See map here for exact location.
  • On the first day of school, “morning bus routes” will run twice, once for grade 9 and once for grades 10-12. Click here to see the first day schedule.
  • Late bus schedules are also posted on the transportation webpage above. Late buses meet in the breezeway.

Biking or Walking

  • Newton Safe Routes to School, Green Newton School Connections, and Bike Newton crowd-sourced bike routes to secondary schools. Visit  the Newton Safe Routes to School page, to view details.
  • Here are some suggested routes to Newton South in Ride with GPS. We recommend that your student test these and find what works best for them.
  • Bike racks are parked throughout the campus. Students should always lock their bike (sadly bikes are stolen from campus when they aren’t locked and we don’t have great camera views of all racks.)
  • When walking or biking to school, please follow the rules of the road and do so safely! Wear a helmet, don’t zoom across traffic, and cross at cross-walks.
  • Practice your route. Make sure you have enough time to arrive to school on time.


  •  The 52 bus has a few stops within easy walking distance of Newton South.
  • Student Charlie Card. Students can also pick up a (free) student Charlie Card that allows them to ride the MBTA at a reduced rate. Student CharlieCards are available in Cutler house and interested students can reach out to Ms. Lucia Curran at or 617-559-6551.


Parent Drop Off/Pick Up

If you must drive your child to/from school:

  • Cars are not allowed in the parking lot near the breezeway during pick up/drop off hours.
  • Consider dropping off/picking up your child on a side road and allowing them to walk the rest of the way to/from school.
  • Drive slow and be respectful