Newton Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)


Does your child have an IEP or 504 plan? Are you interested in getting support services for your child? Then you need to know about the Newton Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) at


We are a volunteer organization of parents of children with special needs from preschool through high school. We run an online forum where parents can ask each other about special education programs, issues, policies and resources both within and outside of the public school system. We work directly with the school administration regarding our childrens’ special education through our school liaisons, meetings with the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services and by attending Newton School Committee meetings.


We hold monthly board meetings that are open to all families whose dates and Zoom links are listed on our website under the “Meetings” tab. In the meantime, you can join our “Newton SEPAC” Google Group by clicking on the link on our website. On this online forum, you can post any questions or concerns about anything related to your child with special needs. We also use this group to publicize local/online presentations and conferences as well as DESE policy updates.


Other ways to contact the SEPAC:


Facebook: Newton Special Education Parents – SEPAC


Next SEPAC Open Board Meeting: September 13 7:30-9pm

Find the Meeting Agenda and Zoom link on under the “Meetings” tab




As the SEPAC Liaisons for Newton South High School, our role is to answer any questions and discuss any concerns about your child’s special needs. We are available to speak with you individually and your information will remain confidential. We will also offer occasional Zoom meetings for South parents to get to connect with each other. As SEPAC members, we can also help with any issues outside of NPS relating to your child’s disability. In the school newsletter, we will post information about SEPAC meetings and presentations, NSHS parent meetings and any special education resources relevant to high school students, such as post-HS transition planning. Here is our contact information:


Irene Margolin-Katz –

Karina Simonian –