Thank you to all who applied for a grant!  If you are interested in applying for a grant, we will begin the application process for the 2023-24 school year in the fall.

The PTSO sets aside a substantial portion of its budget to fund special projects at NSHS to promote new initiatives that:

  • Reinforce or support student learning (programmatic or curricular)
  • Foster personal connections
  • Pilot a new program
  • Champion participation in community service activities

Applications will also be considered for equipment and software that enhance the learning environment, ensure health and safety, or result in everyday operational efficiency. Requests for conference fees and travel expenses will be considered only after applicants have applied for departmental, school and/or district funding. Most awards range between $100 and $500. Larger grants are considered, particularly where they involve collaboration.

In an effort to align the PTSO grants process with core needs of the school overall, we would like to encourage stakeholders to submit grants that provide potential novel answers to the core Newton South question, “What are we doing to make sure that all of our students are learning?” We will prioritize review of ideas that may pilot new models for specific learning methods, experiment with specific tools or provide additional data/insight for future discussions on how to address the learning needs of all of our students. These suggestions are those that are beyond the core curriculum operational support since day to day support is outside the funding scope of the PTSO grants process.

We encourage faculty, staff, administrators, students, and parents to apply for PTSO funding. All student requests require a sign-off from a member of the NSHS educational staff. Collaboration between constituencies is strongly encouraged. Ongoing clubs and organizations that are fundraising for philanthropic purposes outside of the school will be asked to cover their costs before charitable donations are made. PTSO policies do not allow PTSO funds to be used for direct donations to charities. All grants are subject to the approval of the principal with input from the bursar. Awarded grants can be spent only on specific requests included in the application and during the current academic year.

GUIDELINES: Approval is based primarily on the following considerations:

  1. The number of students/persons participating in and/or benefiting from the program/project
  2. The impact of the program/project on students and the school.
  3. Funding will be considered only after other potential sources of funding (e.g. department funds, fundraisers) have been pursued by the applicant.
  4. The ability of the project to continue without additional PTSO funds. In most cases, funding is not provided for on-going support of programs.
  5. The grants committee requires a detailed list of items purchased or other expenses when you submit your request for reimbursement or a detailed invoice if you are requesting direct payment by the PTSO. If your plans change and you determine that you will be unable to spend the grant funds by the end of the academic year, please notify the  the grants committee so we have the opportunity to reallocate the funds.
  6. Grant money must be spent only on specific application requests. If there is a change in the request, the Grant Committee needs to be notified and will review the modifications for approval
  7. Grant must support and be consistent with school community’s values and goals as listed on the South website.
  8. Grants cannot be used to fund salaries, stipends or school-based professional development; or to purchase core curriculum materials.
  9. Grants cannot be used for core curriculum technology, including computers, consumables and many peripherals.
  10. Grants cannot be used for clubs, field trips, transportation, food or promotional items.

PROCEDURE: Once your application has been received, the PTSO Grants Committee will review it and make recommendations to the PTSO Board.  For any questions, please contact the Grants Committee at

Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant! 

2022-23 PTSO Grants Committee: Caterina Betancourt, Gillian Isabelle, Molly Owen-Kiritsy, Mark Holt, and Cathy Wang