NSHS 2020-21 Course Registration Update

Hello Newton South Students/Families,

We hope this note finds you in good health as we cope with the challenges that we face with the COVID-19 crisis.  Please see the letter from Vice Principal Chris Hardiman regarding 2020-21 course registration.

“When we left school last week, we were in the midst of our course registration process at both high schools. As we get things rolling again, remotely, we are ready to return to this process with a revised timeline and some new virtual processes. This letter is to let you know that we are going to get started again with this work and that we have plenty of time to address any questions or concerns that you have related to course registration.

We are asking counselors of all students in grades 8 through 11 to review the course requests that are already in Aspen. This will allow the counselors to be ready to reach out to students next week, if necessary. Students or families can still view the course requests that have been entered so far into Aspen as follows: Login into Aspen, select the student, then select the “schedule” side-tab, then select “requests” under “schedule.”

If you have questions or concerns about your course requests, you should feel free to email or send a Schoology message to your counselor. Counselors will work with students on reviewing requests and answering questions, through Friday March 27th. On Friday March 27th we plan to open a “Virtual Verification Period.” This will be your last chance to request any final changes, such as changing electives, adding alternate classes, etc. The Virtual Verification Period will take place over a number of days and we’ll set the exact timeline as we get closer to March 27th. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks so much,

Chris Hardiman
Interim Vice Principal
Newton South High School