Urgent Seniors Check your Name for Virtual Ceremony Today!

Dear Newton South Senior Families,

Deadline is 3PM Thursday, May 28 at 3PM. Please click on link below for your Senior’s House and hear if your Senior’s name is pronounced correctly and respond, if change is needed.  Please see message from Vice  Principal  Chris Hardiman below.


The deadline for students to fill out the form is 3:00PM tomorrow. Thank you!

The graduation readers are trying to get feedback via a google form from students on whether their name was read properly for the June 11th ceremony. Only 123 students have responded via the form so far after listening to the audio file so we need many more to fill it out:   Google Form

Cutler Audio Names

Goldrick Audio Names

Goodwin Audio Names

Wheeler Audio Names



Chris Hardiman
Interim Vice Principal
Goldrick House Counselor
Club/Activity Coordinator
Newton South High School