Fall Awards Day and Game Times

Fall Awards Day

As with so many things this season, Fall Awards Day will be different this time. Yet will be able to celebrate your award recipients and that is good news!

Due to the current COVID restrictions, we had scheduled an event by time slots per team and few attendees n order to comply with health guidelines.

Awardees, their parents, and coaches are invited to come.  Each program will have 15 min to do their presentation (that includes all three levels).

At the end of the awards, Madalin Small and Olivia Dubin will SLI for their respective colleges.

The event will take place outdoors at the Stadium entrance on Veterans Day. Recipients will be notified by email to their NPS Gmail account.

Here is the schedule for the day.

Veterans Day, Nov, 11

Table set at stadium entrance:


1 PM: Boys XC,  Varsity and  JV

1:15 PM: Girls XC, Varsity and  JV

1;30 PM: Field Hockey, Varsity, JV A, and  JV B

1:45 PM Boys soccer, Varsity, JV A, and  JV

2;00 PM Golf, Varsity and  JV

2;15 PM Girls Soccer, Varsity, JV, and 9th-grade

2:30 PM  NLI signature ceremony: Madalin Small and Olivia Dubin


Rain date is Saturday, November 14