Newton Public Schools Internet Filtering

Dear Newton Public School Families,

We have recently contracted with an internet filtering company, Deledao. We have already been filtering access to the internet from within a Newton Public Schools (NPS) building, but were not able to filter devices when off of the NPS network. This change means NPS devices and accounts will have NPS filtering while connected to the internet at home or to any other network.

Please know that no internet filter is perfect. As we do in schools, we strongly encourage you to speak with your child about appropriate use of technology and to monitor your child’s use of devices and access to the internet. See our Acceptable Use Guidelines on the Student/Family Tech Resources Page.

Timeline for implementation:

December 9:  Elementary Filtering implemented on iPads and Chromebooks

December 16: Middle and High School Filtering implemented on Chromebooks

What is Internet Filtering?

Using predefined categories, such as “adult content,” filtering services analyze websites a user is trying to view to determine whether or not to allow access. The service is set-up to block certain content by category. We are not able to customize for each child, but are customizing settings by level (elementary, middle and high school).

On a Chromebook (not an iPad) this filtering product also involves “real-time” analysis of videos and images. For example, if a child is watching a Youtube video, and the system detects content that matches a blocked category, it will blur the content of that video.


  • iPads: Students using an NPS issued iPad will begin to be blocked from accessing certain websites

  • Chromebooks and NPS Google Accounts:

    • A new extension called Deledao will be installed on Student NPS Google Accounts

    • Students will be blocked from accessing certain websites

    • Filtering will affect Chromebooks and Chrome browsers when logged in using an NPS student GSuite account

    • “Browse as Guest” on NPS Chromebooks will be disabled – students MUST sign in to Chromebooks with their NPS Google Accounts

We are new to this product and expect to have to adjust settings during implementation. The web filtering product also comes with a parent portal option. Once we have implemented the web filtering, we will test the use of the parent portal to determine feasibility of implementation later this school year.

Please note that we are purchasing this product for the remainder of the 2020-2021 academic year only. We will reevaluate the purchase of the product for 2021-2022 based on performance and available budget.

Thank you.

Steven Rattendi, Director of IT and Libraries