Winter Food Drive! Please help

Please consider dropping off any of the following items so we can help those at the food pantry! Below is a list of items we are looking for.
  • Box of granola bars (any kind)
  • Box of cereal or oatmeal variety pack
  • Jar of peanut butter
  • Jar of jam
  • Package of mini milk or juice boxes
  • Box of mac n’ cheese
  • Cans of soup or pasta (spaghetti O’s or similar)
  • Package of snack pack fruit or applesauce
  • Snack pack pudding, cookies, or fruit snacks
  • Pretzels, goldfish, corn chips, crackers
Drop off donations at either 37 Halcyon Road or 15 Bellingham Street between now and December 20th. If you are unable to drop off at either location, please contact to organize a time for us to pick up your items.
Thank you for your generosity!