Alpine Ski

For a season in the middle of a pandemic, and with countless COVID protocols in place, the alpine ski team was able to make the most of it and had as near a normal season as possible.

In the Alpha League of Massbay West, which includes 6 teams, the girls team placed 1st overall and the boys placed 4th.  A huge congratulations to the girls on this fantastic accomplishment! The boys must also be congratulated as three of their six total skiers raced for the first time this year and a lot more fell on the shoulders of our veteran boys, who raced very well.

The girls’ standout skiers for Newton South this year were Saylor Flannery, who placed 2nd, Masie Abbiati placing 3rd and Noa Dahan placing 12th, overall.  The boy’s standouts were Logan Flannery, who placed 3rd and Roey Lashem, who placed 10th, overall.  The above skiers, who would normally qualify for the state championship if not for this crazy pandemic, will be receiving “All-Star” recognition from the league for their excellent racing and top placement.

It takes a team and all of our skiers should be commended for their hard work and commitment to their own personal improvement and that of the team. Well done, NSHS Alpine Ski Team!!