April 3 Deadline Class of 2021 Senior Baby Photos

Hello Class of 2021 Parents!

We have reserved some space in this year’s yearbook for the traditional display of baby pictures of this year’s graduates, and we want to invite you to submit a photo of your graduate by this time next week.

The instructions: 

— Upload a picture of your graduate in their younger and more innocent years to THIS FOLDER. (I’ll leave you to decide what constitutes a baby picture. In the past, we’ve had newborns up to pre-teens.)

— Please only upload ONE photo. We have a lot of details to take care of to get this year’s book done (close to) on time, so don’t have time to choose among photos.

— Once the photo is uploaded, change the name of the photo to the name of your graduate (so we don’t have 200 photos labeled image1114.jpeg and no way to ID them in the book).

— If absolutely you can’t make Google work, you can just email the photo to baronb@newton.k12.ma.us (I’m trying to keep a flood of these photos out of my inbox, though, so would really prefer it if you could use the Google folder directly.)

The deadline: End of the day, Saturday, April 3 (it’s a hard deadline, unfortunately. We need to get the book to the publisher as close to on time as we can.)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mr. Baron baronb@newton.k12.ma.us