A Message from the Newton South Deans

Hello Newton South Students and Families:

Welcome to the third first day of the 2020-2021 school year! We wanted to send along a quick note to welcome you back to the building in combined cohorts, and for some of you, this will be your first time back at South since March 12, 2020 (406 days ago from today)! Here are a few helpful hints to think about as we head into the next chapter of the school year:

  • On Sunday, April 25, please check your schedule, as the location/room numbers of your classes may have changed. Please use this process to access your schedule rather than downloading the pdf that we uploaded in September (which is outdated.)
    • On your schedule, you may notice some room numbers that you are unfamiliar with. We wanted to make sure that you knew what they were:
      • Cafeteria appears as “StudCent.”
      • Gym B appears as 5129
      • Lecture Hall appears as 7121
      • Field House appears as 5140
      • The Library appears as 7101
      • The Auditorium appears as 9160
    • Enjoy your first day getting to know or reacquainting yourselves with your peers and your teachers (at a safe social distance, of course). 🙂
    • There are several designated entrances into the building, all of which are open from

9:05 – 9:20:

  • Main Entrance – For those arriving in time for breakfast (opens earlier, at 8:50 am)
  • Wheeler House Doors
  • Breezeway Doors to the Field House
  • Breezeway Doors to Goodwin House
  • Back Door to Cutler House
  • For those of you just returning, the entry codes on the doors no longer work and all doors are locked after 9:20. If you need to enter the building after 9:20 am, please buzz in at the Main Entrance, where someone will let you in.
  • When you get to each class, familiarize yourself with:
    • The space,
    • The norms, and
    • The safety protocols as presented by your teacher.
  • Remember, that you must wear your mask at all times.
    • If you forget your mask or it breaks or gets dirty on the way to school, DON’T WORRY! We have extra masks at each designated entrance, in classrooms, and house offices.
  • While the school may be new to some of you, you have plenty of time to get from class to class.
    • You cannot congregate in the halls. If you are congregating, please do not be surprised if a staff member approaches you and reminds you to proceed to class.
    • Please go directly to your next class, where your teachers will be waiting to greet you.
  • For those of you who stay for Flex block, and are not with a teacher, our “overflow” space will be moving from the Field House to Gym B.

We are all so excited to continue working with you and seeing you all at South! For those of you staying remote for the remainder of the year, please know that we are here to support you. And don’t forget, you are always welcome to participate in after-school activities.

With Lions’ Pride!

The Deans