Hello Newton South Seniors!

Senior Parking

If you would like to park on campus Semester One, you must enter the Senior Parking Lottery following the directions listed below.


Before applying for the Parking Lottery, please read directions below:

  • You MUST use your NSHS student email address to submit the lottery form.
  • Deadline to enter the Semester 1 Parking Lottery is Tuesday, August 17 at 11:59pm. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Your lottery submission will NOT BE ACCEPTED if you submit any INCOMPLETE or INCORRECT information or documentation.
  • All successfully entered Seniors will be notified via email by end-of-day, Friday, August 20th. Email will specify if you have received a spot or if you are on the Waitlist.
  • Deadline for parking spot recipients to pick up Parking Tag will be Friday, Aug. 27 at 2:30pm to pay for their spot.
  • Access the Senior Parking Lottery Form HERE


PLEASE NOTE, if you are selected to receive a parking spot at NSHS: 

  • You will need to come to NSHS in person and pay the $175 parking fee.
    • ONLY Checks or Money Orders made payable to the ‘City of Newton’ will be accepted.
    • This fee mirrors that of the bus transportation fee.
  • You will be issued a Parking Tag and Student Parking Sticker that must be displayed in the approved vehicle at all times when parked on campus.
  • Your approved vehicle(s) is the ONLY vehicle(s) allowed to park in your assigned parking spot.
  • Parking Tags are only valid for the duration of Semester One. A Semester Two lottery will be released to all Seniors at the end of Semester One.