On Friday March 18

Good Afternoon NSHS Community,


On Friday March 18, in conjunction with faculty, our Gender Equity Club is holding a ‘white shirt’ day. Our student leaders in this club are encouraging South students and staff to wear white. I plan on wearing white to support the cause of gender equity. I am proud of these student leaders and their efforts. This event is particularly timely given recent concerns that have been raised by students about gender equity and harassment. The students organizing this intend for this to be a time to express solidarity.


I am also aware that some students within the South community have planned a peaceful walkout for tomorrow afternoon during school hours. In speaking with one of the student organizers, their goal is a peaceful walkout from the building for the purpose of empowerment. While this event is not organized or sanctioned by the school, I understand that some students may choose to walk out of their classes and onto the school fields during F block.


Please know that the students anticipate a large crowd. To ensure the safety of all, the Newton Police Department has been notified and will be present, as well as administrators and other faculty members. I also encourage you to have a conversation centered around safety in large crowds with your child should they choose to participate in the walkout.


Our students continue to inspire us with their activism and enthusiasm for social justice. We are proud to work with and learn from young people who care about being better citizens in this world.




Tamara (Tamii) Stras