Q: When will we hear from the school?

Watch your snail mail for a letter from South with important start of school information. This letter should arrive by mid to late August and will include information about the school schedule, the Arena Day course change process, and much more. On the course listing page, the student’s homeroom will be listed. The letter at the end of the homeroom number will tell you your child’s house (C for Cutler, G for Goodwin, K for Goldrick and W for Wheeler). In the meantime, please visit the Newton South website so that you can become familiar with it. It is a good idea to check the school calendar once a week as schedule changes happen frequently for various school programs.

Q: Do you have any tips on what I should do to smooth the transition to South?

  • Yes, please put your Guidance Counselor and House Secretary’s phone number in your cell phone as soon as school starts, so you are ready to call them if there is an emergency.
  • Encourage your student to go to the Ice Cream Social the Thursday before school starts.
  • If your student is worried about the large building, feel free to stop in over the summer, get a map from the main office or download one here, and walk around the school. South is a large school and initially it can be difficult to find your way around. The school is open every day in the summer from 8AM-4PM and we strongly suggest you come in and wander around with your child. If you prefer, you can come several times for short visits, each time exploring a different area of the school, or just come once—whatever is most helpful to your student.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend a Summer Information Session with Principal Joel Stembridge. Freshman families will be notified of these in early August and they will be advertised in the school newsletter that goes out on Sunday evenings starting mid August. If you have not subscribed to the newsletter, please click on “Join the PTSO Mailing List”.
  • Encourage your student to get involved in one of the 60+ clubs, sports, music, theatre, newspaper, yearbook, etc. at South. Students who have a connection outside of academics enjoy their South experience much more and have greater overall success (academically, socially, emotionally, etc.).
  • Once you get your student’s schedule, consider keeping a copy in the car, in case you ever need to pick them up and want to know what time school ends on the day. Also, consider keeping a copy near your computer, in case you need to schedule an appointment for them. Avoid pulling them out of school during their most challenging academic classes, as it becomes difficult to make up lots of missed work.

Q: When will my student receive an ID?

If your student is coming to Newton South from Brown or Oak Hill, their student identification (ID) photo was already taken on Step-Up Day back in June, and their student ID will be given out to them at the Freshman Ice Cream Social or in their Advisory (Homeroom) class on the first day of school (if they are unable to attend the Freshman Ice Cream Social). If your student is new to Newton South, their school ID photo will be taken on picture day in September and distributed in advisory thereafter.

Q: Is there a Supply List for Incoming Freshman?

No, there is no common list of supplies which all freshman are asked to purchase. Your child’s teachers will let them know what they need when classes meet. These supplies are usually fairly basic and easy to acquire (graph paper, notebooks, etc.) Of course it’s a good idea to make sure your child has some basics like pens and a notebook on the first day.

Directory Questions

Q: What if I do not receive a link to confirm my information?
A: Please check your Spam/Junk folder, and if there is another adult in the family, please get them to check their email. If you do not find it, please contact

Q: What will happen if I do not confirm my information?
A: The system will continue to ask you to do so.

Q: How do I view my shopping cart and pay?
A: When you add your donation to the cart, it says “You just added Membership – Newton South High School PTSO! Check Out (1 item: $70.00)” in a pink box at the top. It also has “Check Out (1 item: $70.00)” above that. You can click Check Out in order to proceed.

Q: What if I have left the directory system, but I want to donate from there?
A: Click the link in the confirmation email again. Skip to the last step, initial and then click Confirm and Save. The system will give you the ability to donate.

Q: What if I donated using the old system?
A: Do not worry. We will sort it out.

Q: How can I donate more?
A: There are Donation Dollars items available. Simply add those to your membership before you check out.

Q: How can I donate less?
A: Please contact us at

Q: I’m absolutely certain that my family is not in the directory. How do I put in my information?
A: If you’re sure, then click here to add yourself. The system will warn you if you’re already in the system.