PTSO Community Forums

Please find recorded PTSO meetings and community forums below.  Any questions, please contact us at

October 29, 2020 Newton South Community Discussion.
Q&A with Interim Principal Aronson, Superintendent Fleishman and School Committee Chair Ruth Goldman.  Hosted by the Newton South PTSO. CLICK to VIEW.

November 30, 2020 Q&A for High School HyFlex Recommendation.  Panel included parent members of the High School Working Group.  Hosted by Newton South PTSO.  CLICK to VIEW.

December 8, 2020 HyFlex Q&A for Families.
Hosted by Interim Principal Aronson and staff.   CLICK to VIEW

December 9, 2020 NSHS Principal Search.
Discussion with Superintendent Fleishman about 2020 NSHS Principal Search process. Hosted by the Newton South PTSO. CLICK to VIEW