High School Late Start Update

Dear Newton Parents/Guardians,

In 2015, the NSHS School Council (an advisory panel to the principal) initiated conversations about later start times for high school students.  These discussions resulted in the school committee establishing working groups to conduct feasibility studies, surveys and assessments.  The latest findings and proposals were presented on June 10, 2019 and can be found here:   Schedule and Start Time Update for School Committee.  Despite the work, no implementation of later start times has been set.

Recently there have been many questions at parent coffees regarding the status of these discussions.  We understand the complexity of schedules, traffic and budget on this.  However, we urge Newton to be a leader on this issue and make a positive change that will benefit the mental well being of our students today.

Please let your voice be heard and contact the mayor, the superintendent and members of the school community:

Additional background and presentations: