GELF Raises Nearly $4,000 for Newton COVID-19 Care Fund & Travel Scholarships!

This past Saturday GELF held its cooking class fundraiser with Chef Katya Salkever. Thanks to generous support from the Newton community, the cooking class raised nearly $4,000 for the Newton COVID-19 Care Fund and GELF!  These funds will go to much-needed community relief due to COVID-19 and to travel scholarships for students who can’t afford school-sponsored international trips. In these times, coming together as a global community feels more important than ever.

A huge thanks to Chef Katya Salkever who donated her time, sous-chef Jennifer Price, and tech director Elsie Salkever. Much fun was had by all, the dishes were reported to be a hit even with the pickiest of eaters, and rumor has it another cooking class might come along soon!  Stay tuned.

Missed the cooking class but still want to donate? You can do so here.