Explore PTSO Volunteer Opportunities

Even with snow on the ground, we know spring and COVID vaccine is around the corner.   As we start planning for the next school year in the coming months, we ask that those of you who are new to South consider getting involved.  There are many opportunities to get to know the school better, and to find new ways to support our students, faculty and a new Principal.

The PTSO will need new leadership and many volunteers for the following positions and would begin transition this Spring.

  • 2  co-Presidents
  • 2  co-chairs for Staff appreciation
  • 2 members for the Grants Committee
  • 2 co-chairs for Freshman Orientation
  • 3 Newsletter Editors (work behind the scene only)

Please email May Chiu at info@newtonsouthPTSO.org to further explore what might work for you.