Ticketing/Towing Unregistered Cars at South

Juniors, Seniors, and NSHS Staff,

Please be aware:

As of Monday, 3/22/21, we need to begin sticker ticketing (the orange ones that stick to windows), and if it is a second+ offense – towing, cars parked without permits/placards on campus.

All WHITE lined spaces are Staff parking:

  •  any cars without NSHS Staff parking permit stickers will be ticketed (first offense) or towed (second+ offense).
All YELLOW lined spaces are PAID Student Spaces:
  • any cars without NSHS Student parking permit stickers/student placards will be ticketed (first offense) or towed (second+ offense).
  • these YELLOW numbered spaces are specifically assigned to individual students on their cohort days.
  • any unassigned car parked in a student’s paid space will be ticketed (first offense) or towed (second+ offense).

Staff, please be sure you have a parking sticker! (See Ms. Connolly in the main office if you need one!)

Students, we have very limited spaces left.  If you would like to purchase a parking space for the remainder of the year, fill out this form using your NPS email address.  The final lottery will be run Tuesday, 3/23, at 9am.  Be sure you enter before then!  Spaces this year are $75, which mirrors the bus fee and goes directly to the City of Newton (not South).

Don’t want to pay for a space?  The only place you can park on campus without being ticketed/towed are the few spaces next to the football field.  Be sure to get here early if you’re planning to park there!

Thank you, all!

If you have questions, please email Ann Dinsmore at dinsmorean@newton.k12.ma.us 

With love,

Mx. Tori Parker

Coordinator of Student Affairs and Restorative Practices

Department Chair of: EL, Campus Aides, and Library

Newton South High School

Newton, MA 02459