From the Superintendent’s Office

COVID-19 Student Testing Required for Student-Athletes 

COVID-10 testing is now mandated for high school extracurricular activities. This is a mandate not only for students participating in athletics but for any students participating in in-person extracurricular activities.

If your student participates in any in-person extracurricular activity, they must be enrolled and participate weekly in our pool testing program. Here are the steps to enroll:

  1. Complete the opt-in in Aspen (here’s the link)
  2. High school students then create an account at JCM (do it here) for access to a QR code they use to check in their sample. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL MONDAY, APRIL 26 TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT WITH JCM.
  • This is NOT the “touch your brain” swab! This is a sample taken from the front of your nose with a Q-tip-like swab. It’s super-fast and painless.
  • Testing is FREE to all families.

Please REMIND your students to turn in their samples when they arrive at school!