Library and History department collaboration

The library teachers worked collaboratively with the ninth-grade History team to prepare for the 1st “choice research project” that 9th graders completed towards the end of term 2.

After meeting with the team to review the learning goals, develop potential project topics, and brainstorm project outcomes, librarians created a research guide and a series of videos and presentations for students to view if they were absent during the instructional periods or if they needed additional review on their own. Students learned how to use a library database, effective search techniques, how to create a productive research question, and how to use NoodleTools to create a list of Works Cited in MLA format.

Since the entire grade was working on the project simultaneously, librarians and teachers were creative with instruction! While every class had time in the library to work directly with library teachers, during blocks when there were more classes needing instruction than librarians, additional classes joined library classes via Google Meet, and the librarian provided instruction in a “hy-flex” mode (new skill & technology acquired during the pandemic). Librarians also scheduled dedicated WIN blocks for ninth-grade research support and offered one-on-one appointments for students who needed additional instruction.