From the VP March 2, 2023

Newton South Students and Families,

Midterm comments for term 3 are now available for viewing on Aspen. These can be found on the home page in Aspen and contain a list of classes, comments for these classes, and number of absences from class.

Parents and guardians, if you are having trouble logging into Aspen, please call or contact your student’s house office:


Please note the following:

  • Attendance records are present for WIN (labeled as Lion/WIN Block), Advisory, and Directed Study. These courses will not have comments for them but will have absences and tardies recorded.
  • The Y or N in the attendance column is a snapshot for where students are with accordance to our new attendance policy.
      • Note that this is just a snapshot and that deans and/or teachers will be or already have been in contact with families of students who are at risk of not meeting the attendance standard in a given course.
      • Here is our attendance policy FAQ.

    If you have any questions about comments for a given course, please reach out directly to your/your student’s teacher. Questions about WIN block attendance can be directed to you/your student’s house office.




    Jason Williams (he/him/his)

    Vice Principal

    Newton South High School