Donate to SouthFest & Senior Celebration

SouthFest is funded almost exclusively with financial donations. The PTSO, Class Office, and Class Advisors are planning to help our Seniors make some amazing memories this Spring including our May 18th Countdown to Graduation BBQ dinner; June 3rd (alternative to SouthFest) End of School Celebration at the Hyde Center, and our June 6th (alternative to Prom) Senior Celebration.

The PTSO reduced our 2020-21 budget due to COVID-19.  Our 2021 fall Dues Campaign resulted in a shortfall.  In April, the PTSO started our effort to raise $4,000 in order to help celebrate our Senior Class of 2021.  We have now raised close to $5,700 to support the above event.

Last week, the PTSO became the primary sponsor for the 2021 Senior Celebration (“alternative to prom”).   Due to this change, some additional expenses are necessary to ensure a safe and festive celebration (breathalyzers, security, decoration, and additional rentals).  We would like to raise an additional $1,500 to help further transform the outdoor tent space and Fieldhouse parking lot for a red carpet evening for our Senior Celebration on June 6th and also to sponsor our faculty and staff to join the celebration with our Seniors.  The cost of sponsoring a faculty member is $20 to cover food/beverage expenses. We are expecting 40 faculty members to attend.  Thank you for considering.

Help our Seniors celebrate their Senior year:

  • Paypal — Direct donation to SouthFest through Paypal!  Click the big “Donate” button below to donate. The cost of sponsoring a faculty member is $20.

  • Personal Checks — Make checks payable to Newton South PTSO noting “SouthFest” on the memo line and mail to:

Newton South High School PTSO
140 Brandeis Rd.
Newton, MA 02459

Support SouthFest as a:

  • Supporter: up to $50
  • Donor: $50-$99.99
  • Contributor: $100-$249.99
  • Sponsor: $250-$499.99
  • Patron: $500-$999.99
  • Benefactor: $1,000 and over

Please let us know if you would like to remain anonymous and have your name excluded from public acknowledgment.