TODAY NSHS Club Fair 10-12PM and 1-3PM

Message from Vice Principal Hardiman.

2020 Newton South CLUB FAIR

Hi Newton South Students,

Attached is the list of clubs/links that will be featured in tomorrow’s Club Fair that will run “live” from 10am to noon, break for lunch, and then 1pm to 3pm. Enjoy scrolling through the pages and if you see any club you are interested in, click on the name of the club on the screen which will bring you to the zoom link to get into that club. *Hint…look for the password for ALL CLUB links on the first page.

Here are more details:

1. School spirit in the virtual world is alive and well! We have almost 70 clubs that have signed up to present!

2. Hours of the Virtual Club Fair: We have asked clubs to try to be “live” to welcome prospective students to their club presentations between 10am and 12 and then also between 1 and 3pm (with the exception of any clubs exclusively run by seniors who will be in guidance seminars from 10-11…those clubs will start at 11am)

3. Some clubs that couldn’t host tomorrow created 60 second videos that they have sent to me that will be shared with all students sometime in the next week. Similarly, I have also asked ALL other clubs to send me videos in the next week that I can post on our website and share out with students who are not able to attend the fair or for new students that enter the district throughout the year. We will reshare that information when I am able to organize the video links, again, sometime in the next week or so.

4. For written descriptions of clubs at South, please go to this this LINK. Note that only clubs highlighted in YELLOW are confirmed to be running this year. Also, there are a handful of clubs that have just formed in the last week that we have not had time to put onto the document yet…they will be added soon to both this document and to the South clubs webpage that also has a list of clubs organized by category.

5. To sign up for clubs, talk to the club student leaders and/or faculty advisors that will be hosting their club “tables” at the virtual fair about the method that the particular club uses to officially “sign up”. If you go to a couple of club meetings and it seems like a club that you will enjoy and want to stay with, the next step will be to sign up on Family ID. You can find out more information about Family ID at this LINK.  However, please note that Family ID is NOT activated yet as I will need to update the site to include new required waivers for students and parents to sign. I hope to be able to activate Family ID sometime in the next week or two. It is the responsibility of student leaders of clubs to remind any new members to sign up on Family ID. I will also send reminders to the leaders once Family ID is up and running.

6. We are still working out times that clubs are going to meet this year…with possible options of before school, after school, and during a flex block. We hope to lay out final decisions of time options for clubs to choose from sometime next week and days and times that each club will meet along with permanent zoom links will eventually be updated on the website as well.

Whew…that’s a lot of information but in these virtual times, it is important to communicate as clearly and comprehensively as possible! If any of this is confusing or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the club student leaders that you meet at the fair, or the faculty advisor for the club you are interested in (faculty advisors are listed under each club’s name on the website.

We hope you have a great time tomorrow, whether you are hosting, visiting or browsing the virtual club fair!

Mr. Hardiman