What is SouthFest?

SouthFest is the spectacular Newton South High School party that brings all Seniors (with or without their dates)  together after the Prom.  Each year Newton South families and community organizations work together to create a safe and fun event that brings the graduating class together. There is a different theme every year for SouthFest, the school is transformed to evoke that theme, and the stage is set for an exciting party. There are games, prizes, a casino, entertainment, food, surprises and fun. Though the party is for Seniors and their dates, families of all four classes get involved to create a memorable occasion for each graduating class.

How can I get involved?

SouthFest needs many types of supporters.  We need volunteers to run the night for check-in, chaperons, help decorate,  clean up, provide food and financial support.  Please contact us at for specific information about how you can help.

Annually, the PTSO may ask for donations for expenses.  Visit SouthFest donation page.

How can I get more information?

Contact the Southfest organizers at

Newton South High School
140 Brandeis Rd.
Newton, MA 02459