AP Exam Registrations

Newton South students who wish to register for AP exams should do the following:

Step One: Students use the Join Code provided by their AP teacher to register for an exam through their College Board account. Students who are self-studying for an exam should contact Mrs. Price for a Join Code.

Step Two: Students register again with Total Registration. www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/221548

Step Three: Students pay for their exam through Total Registration.

All three steps need to be completed by November 13, 2020, in order for exams to be ordered. If exams are not paid for by November 13, 2020, registration will be canceled.

A few notes…

  • Students who believe they qualify for a fee waiver must contact their counselor before registering.
  • If students believe they qualify for testing with accommodations, they must include their Services for Students with Disabilities number (SSD) with their registration. The College Board assigns the number to students.

If you have questions, contact Mary Ann Price at pricem@newton.k12.ma.us