Sophomore Parent Volunteers for G10 Meet/Greet

The PTSO is continually looking to find ways creative fun events to help Newton South students meet and connect.   We are proposing a student meet/greet event in the next couple of weeks, possibly on Wed. Nov 11 (No School).

In order to make this event possible, we need 3-4 parent volunteers interested in helping organize the event.

Please contact the PTSO at by Wed, Nov 4th if you are interested in helping organize this event.

PTSO is proposing to organize a Grade 10 student meet/greet on Wed. Nov. 11th (Veterans Day – NO SCHOOL).  The event would involve Grade 11 students leading a group of Grade 10 students in a meet/greet.  Grade 10 students would register and be grouped by their Community/Advisory Class to enable students to connect beyond their existing cohorts (friends, team mates, etc).  Each group be on the baseball field to allow the group to create a Spotify playlist of their favorite 10 songs.  All the playlists from each group will be merged into the Class of 2023 Playlist.

The event is to give the students a chance to meet/greet in-person.  All students must wear masks and follow 6ft social distance guidelines, whenever possible (during the walk and sitting in group circle).  All students will need to register.